TicklingParadise – Bobbi vs the Rope Master!


This is clip 2 from Rope Master….watch Bobbi, our 6 foot tall, size 10 foot beauty. She is tied spread eagle on the floor with a bar between her feet so she can’t move. Then he ties Brittany’s feet to the bar and tells her to tickle Bobbi with him. Bobbi is blindfolded so she can’t see when or where it’s coming from, but she is attacked in the thighs, ribs, neck, armpits, and feet! The Rope Master works over her upper body while Brittany works on her feet…unbelievable!!!! Bobbi laughs until she can hardly breathe and still they don’t stop the !

Duration: 13:42.083
Size: 82,72 Mb

Download – Bobbi vs the Rope Master!

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