TicklingParadise – Cinderella’s Tickle Torture!!


This is clip 1 from Ticklish Fairy Tales….See sweet Cinderella (played by newcomer, Tayah)…as she is at the fireplace cleaning as usual when her two mean step-sisters (Bella and Natalie) come in to tell her they have been a little hard on her and want to reward her with a massage. As soon as she is secured, spread eagle on the table, they quickly change their tune! They whip out the electric toothbrushes and each work on one of her lovely size 10 feet! While one hand is working on her feet, the other is attacking her unbelievably ticklish knees…and if that isn’t enough they move on to her upper body and attack her there too! She thought her step-sisters had changed and were going to be nice….but she was wrong. They enjoy her and there is no end in sight!

Duration: 10:42.408
Size: 843,749 Mb

Download – Cinderella’s Tickle Torture!!

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