TicklingParadise – Dominique tickled till she cums!!


This is clip 3 from Rope Master…..Dominique is nude, tied in red ropes with beautiful knots all over her body and then she is secured to a pole with her arms overhead. She can�t move. Then Erin (also nude) is tied to her and told to tickle Dominique. When Erin doesn�t tickle Dominique enough (and even when she does) the Rope Master steps in and punishes Erin! She is helpless to the merciless master. Then see the hottest scene you will ever see when the Rope Master is tickling Dominique�s nipples, as Erin is tickling her pussy and thighs. Dominique goes crazy and actually reaches orgasm ��more than once! Her laughing mixed in with her moaning, her body squirming and heaving, is the wildest, sexiest scene I have ever filmed!

Duration: 18:42.117
Size: 93,312 Mb

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