TicklingParadise – Harper’s Ticklish Confession!!


This is clip 1 from Ticklish Confession….First hear Harper as she confesses her sin to the Step-Father. Step-Sister Bobbi assists here and is a little reluctant to get involved in the tickling, but Step-Father Mac makes her participate. They each take a foot and tickle the poor girl into a laughing mess! This is a mega tickle for Harper and she laughs so hard and loud that she can barely breathe! She feels that she has repented, but they just keep on with the ceremony as the Step-Father tickles her upper body and sends the Step-Sister to tickle her feet at the same time! This scene is so intense, even YOU will want to step in and rescue this girl!

Duration: 15:11.510
Size: 1 090,96 Mb

Download – Harper’s Ticklish Confession!!

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