TicklingParadise – Natalie’s First Tickle!


This is clip 3 from Ticklish Audition…meet Natalie, a real life friend of Bella as she comes for her first interview with Paradise Vision. Watch and hear the real life dialogue and “exercises” we put her though. Renee coaches Bella as to where to tickle Natalie and you will see how much Bella enjoys tickling her girlfriend! Natalie has an INCREDIBLE reaction and an equally as incredible laugh. Bella attacks her ribs, neck, belly, armpits, knees, and feet as Natalie squirms all over and keeps saying “Oh, my goodness” between fits of wild laughter. You will want to see Natalie again and again… and you will!!!

Duration: 9:57.296
Size: 749,105 Mb

Download – Natalie’s First Tickle!

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