TicklingParadise – Raleigh’s Punishment!


This is clip 2 from TICKLISH DISTRACTIONS.Raleigh and Em are sorority sisters. The study room only has one recliner chair. Em comes home to find Raleigh in it. Em thinks this is her chair and when Raleigh won’t give it up, she gets mad. She comes back later to find Raleigh resting, and ties her ankles down. Then she gives Raleigh an unbelievable tickling until she promises to not sit in that chair during finals. Raleigh is unbelievably ticklish and her beautiful size 10 soles take a beating! She has the most incredible toe action as she squirms and tries to get away, but she has to endure! Em finds a nail file, and uses that on Raleigh too….poor Raleigh!!!

Duration: 9:32.204
Size: 644,7 Mb

Download – Raleigh’s Punishment!

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