TicklingParadise – Renee’s Ticklish Massage!


This is clip 5 of TICKLISH DISTRACTIONS. Back by popular demand is our own Renee!! She’s still one of our most requested models, even after all these years! This scene finds her in the mall being offered a “new massage technique”. She is a little hesitant as she gets into the special massage chair, but once she is secured, arms overhead, there is no turning back! Amalee gives her an incredible upper body tickling and is a merciless tickler! The massage quickly turns into tickle with plenty of teasing from Amalee. Even when Renee wants out, Amalee is having way too much fun to let her go. Once again, you will LOVE Renee….the most ticklish lady on the planet!!!!!

Duration: 6:32.158
Size: 347,007 Mb

Download – Renee’s Ticklish Massage!

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