TicklingParadise – Roxanne & the Tickle Game!


This is clip 4 of TICKLISH DISTRACTIONS. Roxanne is on her back, feet up in stocks as Raleigh plays the “Ticklish Game” with her. Raleigh uses different implements to tickle her feet and tells Roxanne if she can guess what is tickling her, she will stop! There is a feather, nail file, brush, a fork, and more! Everything seems to be going fine as Roxanne can guess what they are and then Raleigh moves on to the next “item”…….UNTIL……Raleigh pulls out the electric toothbrush, which drives Roxanne WILD!! Even though Roxanne can guess this one, Raleigh is having too much fun to stop. So much fun with one electric toothbrush, that she pulls out a second one and now there are TWO!! Amazing!!

Duration: 7:19.105
Size: 437,616 Mb

Download – Roxanne & the Tickle Game!

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