UKTickling – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 1

The first clip in a trilogy of brand new F/M and FF/M scenes featuring Ayla and Naia, two of the most experienced and skilled ticklers! After their crazy F/F scenes (which should not be missed!), we decided to let them both get some payback on me. In this first part, the ladies have me tied standing upright with arms overhead so they can double-team my body. Their nails are insane and they don’t go easy on my me! This one is short and brutal as they run their nails all over, tickling like crazy and leaving me covered in scratches. They have a great time, knowing that I can’t see what their up to as they take turns and team up to really punish me from all sides…they even pretend to leave the room at one point! They tickle all over armpits, sides, belly – even grabbing my legs too. They leave me soaked with sweat and red all over – but they had a great time! If you like mean F/M body tickles with two sexy, merciless ticklers, you will love this!

We didn’t stop there, however. Over the following weeks we let each of the ladies choose their own scenario to exact the meanest F/M tickle session they could, and see who is the best tickler. The results of those will be coming up very soon in parts 2 and 3 – needless to say they didn’t hold back. Enjoy this first part for now!

Length: 6:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 1


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