UKTickling – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 2

For this second part, Naia chose the punishment. She wanted to focus more on feet with some body tickles too, so decided to go with face-up, ankles spread and arms cuffed in front. Her nails were nails were crazy long last time around but this time they are insane – long and very pointy, like actual claws! She has an absolute blast in this one as she uses her nails on my soles and then my body. Naia has incredibly long arms and long fingers so that she can easily reach both at the same time as she torments me – knowing that I can’t see where she is going next. Her nails are truly unbearable at times but Naia doesn’t care, going all out to tickle me and launching sneak attacks from all sides, jabbing and running her claws over my body and feet! She also lickles and nibbles my feet, which tickles like crazy – especially when she tickles with her nails too. Pinning my body she torments my nipples with her nails and her super-long tongue too…Naia’s tongue-tickling is something else! She is a very skilled tickler, with a mischievous mean streak…she really loves dominating me and making me suffer. She has me squirming and thrashing around like crazy by the end but she carries on anyway! This one is crazy and very hot!

Length: 14:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla And Naia Are The Meanest Ticklers – Part 2


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