UKTickling – Ayla Knows How To Punish Me

Finally, Ayla does get some payback! This custom F/M scene sees her strapping me into the chair for some a very intense tickle session, with nylon, bare feet and full body getting punished in the way that only Ayla can! She may be the one of the most unbearably ticklish people on the planet but she is also one of the most skillful ticklers around, and she knows exactly how to drive me nuts! This is a long one, and Ayla starts off slowly teasing and lightly tickling my nylon feet with her long, pointed nails. She teases constantly as she delivers soft tickles, very happy that she’s already making me crazy. Ayla then sits on top of me, pinning me down as she leisurely torments my helpless body. She has a great time, switching between my feet and body, climbing on top of me and laughing as she tickles me until I can’t stand any more. She then breaks out the brush and gets really mean! She makes me hysterical as she goes to work with the brush and then her nails all over my feet and body, pinning me down and even laying across me. It’s hot, but torturous as she pretends to hump me whilst mercilessly tickling my helpless feet! Finally, she lickles my nylon feet, expertly using her talented tongue before nibbling and biting, whilst running her nails all over. It’s crazy-ticklish but Ayla isn’t done and she rips the nylons to punish my bare feet too. Her nails make me jump but then she decides to nibble my toes too and I’m done for. Ayla keeps me laughing for nearly 20 mins straight in this one…she definitely knows how to get me back!

Length: 19:28
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ayla Knows How To Punish Me


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