UKTickling – Isabel Makes Me Suffer In The Stocks!

Gorgeous Isabel has her turn as tickler now and she most definitely loves being on the other side of the action! Isabel has me bound in the stocks with the mask covering my face completely so I can’t even see her – and she has a great time getting her own back…I picked the wrong day to let her tickle me as she has a score to settle and her nails are extra long! She starts by playfully tickling my socked feet, before removing the socks and tormenting my bare soles and toes. Isabel is a very mischeivous tickler and she really enjoys making me jump and squirm, catching me by surprise as I can’t see what she’s doing! She has some great tickling skills and after several minutes tickling my feet, she sneaks up to attack my body too, poking and grabbing my sides, armpits, belly and legs – and having great fun making me jump out of my skin! She returns to punish my bare feet with her nails once more and after a couple more body tickles, she quietly picks up the brush and proceeds to drive me mad as she furiously tickles my feet with it! Alternating between the brush and her evil nails, she adds some baby lotion and then continues her assault. Isabel most definitely loves making me suffer as she poses and goofs off for the camera whilst teasing my feet and body right up until the end – you’ll love watching her!

Length: 13:58
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Isabel Makes Me Suffer In The Stocks!


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