UKTickling – Lottii’s Payback Is Seriously Mean!

I gave Lottii the chance to get her own back and she doesn’t waste it as we switch places and she tickles me out of my mind! Lottii is merciless as she punishes my body and my feet using her long nails. She starts out teasing my socked feet, before tickling my legs and then kneeling down to attack my upperbody too. After tormenting my feet some more, she removes the socks and goes to work on my bare soles too! Her nails are super-ticklish and she has a great time driving me nuts as she runs them across my feet, and all over my sides, armpits, belly, arms, neck…this is a long clip and she really makes me suffer! Kneeling down, Lottii can reach my feet and my body and she enjoys making me jump and squirm as she switches between the two to catch me off guard, sometimes tickling both together! She lotions up my feet and then tickles them even more, taking full advantage of my helpless situation. Lottii has already demonstrated that she’s a very capable tickler and she loves being a bit mean. This time though, she really makes me pay and after nearly 20 minutes, I am completely done!

Length: 19:31
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Lottii’s Payback Is Seriously Mean!


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