UKTickling – Phoenix Is A Mean & Merciless Tickler!

Phoenix is not only very hot, but it turns out she’s also a very skilled and very mean tickler! She gets her own back on me in this amazing F/M clip, and really enjoys making me suffer. It’s a long scene in two parts as Phoenix torments my feet first and then my upperbody too – all with my face completely covered so I can’t see what she’s doing! Looking incredible in a sheer body, Phoenix has me stretched out and cuffed face-down as she tickles my feet. Her super-long nails are very effective and she has me jumping and squirming in no time. She is a total tease and loves making me suffer with a mix of light tickles, which get harder and faster whenever she feels like it. She starts with my socks on then removes them after a few minutes as her nails go to work on my bare soles. Phoenix adds plenty of lotion and makes me jump out of my skin as she attacks my soles again, keeping me off balance! She’s a natural domme and really knows how to punish me. In the second half, she has me face-up as her long nails tickle my torso. It’s even worse, especially as I can’t see what she’s doing and she loves playing games to make me jump and thrash around. Again, Phoenix teases with soft, slow tickles and then really goes for it squeezing my sides, armpits, and running her nails all over. She pretends to stop, only to make me jump as she tickles me again! By the time she’s finally finished, I’m completely done – definitely one of the sexiest ticklers around and she’s totally merciless too. You’ll love watching her in action!

Length: 19:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Phoenix Is A Mean & Merciless Tickler!


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