UKTickling – Three Girl Foot Tickle Endurance Challenge

An awesome three-girl tickle challenge with Sarah-Jayne, Deane and Ruby Summers fighting to see who can endure the tickling the longest: The girls must compete against each other, trying not to laugh whilst having their nylon and barefeet feet tickled – each time one girl laughs out loud, they lose that round. They have nine rounds and the one who has failed the most rounds at the end of the challenge is the loser! After completing the challenge, the loser will get a forfeit of continuous tickling on their barefeet and none of the girls want to lose this one! The challenge begins and Ruby loses the first round as the tickling starts before their heels have even come off. The girls soon lose their shoes and all are struggling desperately to contain their laughter as their sheer nylon feet are tickled by Jade and myself. They go crazy, squirming and holding their breath but they all end up cracking sooner or later! Ruby loses the first rounds, followed by Sarah and then Deane – all three girls are super-ticklish but noone wants to give in. The girls all put up a strong resistance in the final rounds only to have their nylons ripped for some intense barefoot tickling, with fingers and brushes – Jade is determined to make someone break and they do! In the end, Ruby loses the challenge and gets an insane forfeit. She has four minutes of tickle hell on her sexy barefeet as she goes totally crazy! Four hands tickle her feet simultaneously and she really can’t cope. Her soles are baby lotioned as the furious tickling continues and poor Ruby is begging us to stop by the end – one of her most intense foot tickle scenes so far..she regretted losing this one!

Length: 12:49
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Three Girl Foot Tickle Endurance Challenge

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