UKTickling – Tillie Enjoys Putting Ruby’s Feet To The Test Too!

Now it’s Ruby’s turn to take the challenge! Tillie is a very good tickler and with Ruby’s feet on the desk, it seems certain she will crack in no time. The same rules apply: Ruby must go through six rounds and try to hold her feet still for 30 seconds each time. Tillie starts out teasing, Ruby’s feet through her heels, before slipping them off and tickling her nylon soles. Ruby is hysterical in no time, screaming, laughing and flapping her arms. Amazingly, she manages to hold her feet on the table though! Tillie gives it everything she can, and her nails drive Ruby out of her mind, but still she doesn’t quit. By round 5 Tillie even breaks out the hairbrush on Ruby’s sensitive feet and Ruby screams and screams but doesn’t pull away. By the end, a breathless Ruby is very pleased with herself, having finally beaten a tickle challenge for the first time! Unfortunately for her however, this one still has a forfeit and despite passing all six rounds, Ruby must go into the stocks afterwards. Although it’s only for three minutes, Tillie makes sure it’s three minutes she won’t forget in a hurry! She turns Ruby into a screaming hysterical mess as she tickles her feet relentlessly. She rips the nylons and spends most of the time on Ruby’s bare soles, getting her tickling fingers right into poor Ruby’s toes. As before, Tillie finishes off with Ruby’s upperbody in a crazy end to a crazy challenge…Tillie really is an awesome tickler!

Length: 7:34
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Tillie Enjoys Putting Ruby’s Feet To The Test Too!

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