UKTickling – Violet & Jasmine Deliver Brutal Tickling Punishment!

Violet and Jasmine team up to take it out on me in this hot FF/M gang tickle – and they do not go easy! Both ladies are very good ticklers and they really enjoy making me suffer as much as possible in this one. Stretched out with feet in the stocks, I am totally helpless as they torment my feet and body with their nails. Taking it in turns to focus, on feet, legs and upperbody they find all my tickle spots and go to town on them…even worse when they double-up on one spot, laughing as I go totally nuts! Jasmine has fun punishing my feet and adds the toe-ties to make it worse. They just go even harder on me when they know I can’t move. Violet’s tickling is mean as hell and her nails are lethal. She takes it up a level when she finds the hairbrush however, and she has me freaking out as she goes hard on my feet! Jasmine then makes it even worse by adding baby oil and they have a great time making me go crazy. At one point, they both grab a brush and it is beyond unbearable…I’m sweaty and exhausted as they finish tickling from head to foot. I was very glad when this one was over! A 4K clip with great split-screen action for a really clear view of the action from both sides!

Length: 15:30
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Violet & Jasmine Deliver Brutal Tickling Punishment!

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