UKTickling – Violet & Lauren’s FM Tickle Challenge Who’s The Meanest

Sexy Lauren-Louise and Indian cutie Violet get together for some tag-team tickle revenge – with a twist! It’s an F/M tickle challenge to see who is the meanest at getting their own back on me. At the end, I’ll name the winner based on their tickling skills and mercilessness…and then she will get to tickle the loser! The ladies have my feet in the stocks in sheer nylons to start with. The tickling begins and Violet goes first, driving me crazy with her long nails. After watching a while and laughing at my predicament, Lauren joins in, tickling my upperbody as Violet goes to town on the feet! They swap places, and between them they have me going crazy. Violet quickly emerges as a very mean candidate – she loves tickling me and doesn’t hold back at all. Lauren teases my feet before going all-in too. They both have insanely long nails so it’s pure ! Violet is too eager and doesn’t give Lauren much of a chance before she’s going for it again, tormenting my sides, armpits and legs while Lauren tickles the feet! They move around and even double-team my body before focusing on the feet again. They rip the nylons and add the baby lotion before letting fly with a furious tickle assault on my bare soles. Both girls are clearly having a great time as they really go for it in the final minutes, teasing me all the time. They rack up a total of 9 minutes of before we call time and the winner is named…

Length: 10:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Violet & Lauren’s FM Tickle Challenge- Who’s The Meanest


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