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Stefania Mafra is on the phone talking about this weird dream she keeps having where she is fondled and tickled by a hot blonde in sexy clothing. Little does Stefania know that the dream is really reality. After Stefania is in a deep state Carmen Valentina enters her dream girls house. Carmen has been obsessed with Stefania for some time now and knows everything about her, even the fact that once she is out, she is out for the night. Carmen creeps over to her laying beauty and starts at her feet. She Plays with Stefania’s arms to make sure she is out good. She continues to make Stefania rub her crotch and breasts because it turns her on. She tickles Stefania’s rib cage before heading back to her feet. Once Stefania wakes up Carmen grabs her cloth, places it over Stefania’s mouth and once again Stefania is out for good. Carmen has her way with Stefania’s feet, rubbing and tickling them until she’s had her fill. Carmen creeps away knowing that she will return the next night to play with the unsuspecting Stefania.

Duration: 8:43.956
Size: 631,591 Mb

Download – Stefania’s foot tickling dream

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