VickysFetishFun – Vicky gets tickling revenge on Naiomi


Vicky Vixxx and Naiomi Mae just got done working out and sat down to relax when Naiomi starts tickling Vicky. Vicky HATES to be tickled and when Naiomi doesn’t stop Vicky places her hands over Naiomi’s mouth until she goes . Vicky wants revenge so she ties up Naiomi’s hands and feet and when she wakes up Vicky starts tickling her. Vicky tickles Naiomi all over her body but focuses on her feet. Naiomi is begging and pleading for Vicky to stop through her laughing but Vicky doesn’t. Vicky uses oil, a makeup brush, and a hairbrush to really get Naiomi back! Finally Naiomi agrees to never tickle Vicky again so Vicky will stop, but not before tickling her feet hard one last time.

Duration: 9:02.866
Size: 531,443 Mb

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