VickysFetishFun – Vicky’s big phone interview goes sour


Vicky is a famous model about to do a phone call for a radio interview live! Vicky tells her friend Nyxon they are about to call her to do the interview. Nyxon wants to listen in so Vicky lets her as long as she promises to be quiet. Nyxon decided to try and sabotage Vicky by distracting her while she is doing her interview. Nyxon Tickles Vicky, pulls and pays with her hair, pinches her, and whispers in her ear the ENTIRE time Vicky is trying to speak to the radio. Vicky makes up excuses as to why she is laughing or distracted like it’s her cat or the TV or the construction workers outside. Vicky tries to tell Nyxon to stop in a quiet voice and with hand signals but Nyxon keeps trying to distract Vicky any way she can. Finally the Radio guy has had enough and tells Vicky she is too distracted to conduct the interview. Vicky is so pissed at Nyxon and after bitching her out walks out of the room.

Duration: 8:31.400
Size: 1 226,605 Mb

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