AmaRiosPlayground – Ama Rio in Tickle Fight starring Adara Jordin

Ama Rio and Adara Jordin dressed in bath robes, are lounging on the bed talking about how much fun their high school reunion has been as they reminisce about all the tickle fights they used to have.
Ama brings up how she used to tickle Adara relentlessly and win all the tickle fights. Adara quickly disagrees and says she used to dominate tickling Ama. After bickering back and forth for a minute, Ama says, “well, lets settle this once and for all”, as she begins to pull off Adara’s robe exposing her nude body and tickling her. Shortly after, Adara rips Ama’s robe off and a nude tickle fight ensues between them as they taunt and tickle each other trying to determine who’s the most dominant tickler of the two.

Length: 15:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio in Tickle Fight starring Adara Jordin

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