AmaRiosPlayground – Ama Rio in Tickled to tears

In this clip, Ama Rio, with her arms tied above her head, nipples clamped tight, and feet strapped down showing her big beautiful wrinkled soles is relentlessly tickle tormented by a masked bandit. He begins using his hands to tickle Ama’s soft soles. Shortly after he applies a small amount of oil to her feet before moving on to a few other tickle implements, such as a hairbrush and battery-powered toothbrush. Then the bandit alternates between her feet, armpits, and thighs, tickling her until she can’t take it anymore. Ama’s laughing and cries to stop begin to get very loud and annoying during the tickling that the bandit instructs her to hush that mouth of hers. After scoffing at the bandit’s request to silence her uncontrollable laughter and screams, he becomes irritated and gags her with a bridle in hopes of shutting her up. He then continues to tickle and torment Ama’s big wrinkly feet getting in between every toe crevice until she begs for mercy. He pauses for a brief second and starts again on her armpits and inner thighs, eventually, causing Ama to shed tears of joy while uncontrollably laughing.

Length: 14:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ama Rio in Tickled to tears

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