ArtemisFetishFilms – Clean Up Your Act [Custom – Part 1]

Artemis has been partying all week and not been cleaning up at ALL. She has left her heels all over the floor and Misa has to come back to it everyday.

As Artemis rests, Misa begins to take off her shoe and a sock, caressing the bare sole, Artemis jumps awake with how sensitive her soles are but Misa is prepared; grabbing a laced cloth and smothering her roommate til she dozes off.

The messy girl wakes up later all bound with her feet propped up. Misa takes advantage of the situation and begins to tickle the helpless maiden, continuing to take off the other shoe. Artemis protests loudly, eventually annoying Misa to the point of taking off her socks and shoving them in the mouth of the bound girl, taping it shut; all the sweat oozing into the mouth of Artemis.

Now Misa has no resistance, tying the big toes together of her roomie before going at the helpless bare soles continuously with fingers, brushes and lotion. Now Artemis will forever regret not cleaning up.

Length: 14:05
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Clean Up Your Act [Custom – Part 1]


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