ArtemisFetishFilms – Lost Treasure [ft Crimson] [Noir Version]

Crimson and her partner are out to find the Lost Treasure. She has ulterior motives though; she wants the treasure all to herself, so she has concocted a plan so this plan comes to fruition. As they arrive, she sends her partner to scout up ahead, knowing that there lie dangers that he is unaware of. While she heads in the opposite direction, she hears the fighting in the distance, knowing her plan has succeeded.

Finding the point where she has marked out on the map, Crimson has started searching for the treasure. What she didn’t expect was a hand over her mouth from behind. She struggles and struggles but succumbs to her partner who has survived the ordeal that she left him in.

He awakens later hogtied in the middle of the forest, her partner hovering over her, clearly upset with what has transpired. He begins to peel off her boots and socks. revealing her soft soles. He begins to tickle her feet, her laughter is music to his ears, so he continues to punish Crimson by oiling her feet, making them more sensitive. The masked man finishes by blindfolding and gagging his former partner, tickling his helpless victim to his content, before leaving her all alone, bound in the forest to find the treasure for himself.

Length: 11:15
Resolution: 1920×1080

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