ArtemisFetishFilms – The Black Dress [Part 1]

It’s Friday night, and Little Miss Artemis has got her hands on a snazzy black dress. Dicentra a checks in our her roommate to find out that she is going to a party without her! Dicentra is a tad jealous, but it is no worry to her, all she has to do is somehow stop her roomie from going; and she has the perfect plan.

After leaving for a bit, Dicentra comes back with a laced towel, placing it against Artemis’ face and making her breath in the fumes, eventually silencing her. She then proceeds to wrap the tall crossdresser in saran wrap and tapes her to a massage table, of course leaving her feet out.

Artemis is confused when Dicentra begins to strip off her sandals, gently stroking her long nails across the soft soles of the bound roommate. Artemis is heavily ticklish and yelps at the feeling, to Dicentra’s pleasure. The blonde haired villain then continues to bind the two big toes together and tickles the hell out of her friend for quite a while, including oil and tools; not to mention a gag and a blindfold.

Once she has had enough fun, Dicentra takes the dress for herself. She will be the one going out tonight. Her friend will have to stay bound and gagged until she gets back.

Length: 16:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Black Dress [Part 1]


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