ArtemisFetishFilms – The Cult [ft Crimson, Tickling Ver]

A dark energy has lured Crimson to a undisclosed location, and as a cult hunter, she can not resist the whispers. She has finally found what she has been searching for for so long.

As she enters the cult’s lair, she finds the man she has been looking for. But its not what she expects…

As the man turns around, its a face she has seen before. Flashbacks of what she thinks is memories that she had forgotten. Her head feels as if it’s being torn apart, driving her crazy until it is too much.

Crimson awakens later to find herself strapped to the table, her shoes removed and her feet caressed. She jumps at the feeling of the man’s fingers on her soles. He begins to take off her socks and continues to stroke her soft soles, she hides her laughter, trying to show strength, and not letting the man have the satisfaction of her, but after a bit of upperbody tickling, he returns to her feet, and this time she cannot contain her giggles.

By the time he is done with her, she agrees to come back to the cult, and regretfully accepts her punishment… more tickling.

Length: 20:03
Resolution: 1920×1080

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