ArtemisFetishFilms – Tickle Games [Part 2] Join Me

Dacey has Ari right where she wants her. After losing a bet, the loser finds herself bound and gagged at her friends mercy. Dacey decides that, to further Ari’s protests and struggles, she whips her up in a hogtie, leaving her vulnerable to her desires. She begins to worship her friends soles, licking, kissing and sucking them all over. She throws in a tickle here and there to keep her captive on her toes. All Ari can do is wiggle and moan against her binds.

While Dacey is occupied with her fantasy, Ari sees an unfamilar figure enter the house. She tries to warn her friend but Dacey doesn’t differentiate it from the other whimpers. Before she knows it she finds a cloth in her face, slowly passing out.

She awakens later to the smell of Ari’s stinky sock all trusted up and hogtied beside her friend. The intruder moves towards the two girls helpless body and feet, beginning to tickle the perfectly positioned feet. He goes back and forth, making the girls squirm before leaving them to wiggle helplessly to no escape.

Duration: 15:14

Size: 1 129,802 Mb

Download – Tickle Games [Part 2] Join Me

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