ArtemisFetishFilms – Tickle Warfare [ft Misa]

Misa is infiltrating enemy territory, trying to find the launch codes for the bombs that are about to be detonated. She is deep behind enemy lines, but what she doesn’t know is that she is being watched…

With her weapon drawn she traverses the forest, but suddenly she is attacked by an enemy! She is quickly subdued as the element of surprise is too much, as she’s into handcuffs and walked away, deeper into unknown land.

With a pillow case over her head, she finds herself bound to a log and feet presented. Her shoes and socks are stripped, leaving her feet exposed to a different type of interrogation: tickling. Misa tries her hardest to keep a straight face but the giggles spill out to the annoying . The enemy continues with this until she tells him what he wants to know.

After she has given him what he wants, he walks her barefoot along the forest floor until he decides to leave her alone, but not before he hogties, blindfolds and gags her, leaving the poor soldier in the middle of nowhere, left to struggle and call for help in silence.

Length: 24:10
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Warfare [ft Misa]

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