ArtemisFetishFilms – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 1 ft Rina]

Rina has been Artemis’ tutor for some time. Every time the student shows up for the private lessons the tutor consistently berates and scolds Artemis for everything from how she dresses to the effort she puts in for studying.

Artemis has had enough, concocting a devilish plan to trick his smart tutor into submission. She tells Rina that it is for an art project and that some rope is required. Rina is trying to find anything that Artemis is good at so she indulges her student.

Not long after, Rina finds herself tied up with her hands behind her back and unable to really move; she continues to berate the lack of skill Artemis has so the student plops her on a table and continues to bind the small teacher.

Now Artemis’ plan is fully in motion… they start to slowly prod at Rina, poking her sides and making her giggle ever so slightly before she moved down to her shoes, slowly peeling them off to Rina’s displeasure. One by one Rina could feel her students long fingers running up and down her stockinged feet sending the tutor into a giggling fit, continuing until she passes or fails the first trial.

Length: 17:38
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Tutor Tickling Trials [Part 1 ft Rina]

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