AstroDomina – CFNM Tickling – Bound Tickle Slave

I love tickling my poor helpless slaves.. it’s so satisfying and hilarious! Sydney has one of her slaves naked and bound to a special bondage floor, with both his ankles and hands fixed in place, there’s absolutely no way for him to move! He’s completely at her mercy now. Sadly for him, she doesn’t even know what this word means.. He’s definitely an extra sensitive one. She starts by tickling his armpits, instantly he starts shaking and writhing. She’s just testing thoguh to make sure he’s securely locked in place. Next she moves down his abdomen, then his legs and feet. He really is a screamer! What else could you do if you were being relentlessly tickled and you couldn’t do anything about it?? She’s definitely having fun with this one, and doesn’t give him a single break or leave a single part of his body untickled. She knows exactly where to strike and the poor slave is left almost breathless, unable to stop her. Do you think you could bear the brunt of Sydney’s sadistic tickle torment?

Length: 10:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – CFNM Tickling – Bound Tickle Slave


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