AutumnsBelowTheBeltFantasies – A Mummified Gift For Tickles

Autumn and Tickles arrive after celebrating Tickles birthday. Of course Autumn paid for the meal but she has one more gift in store for her best friend. Tickles has told Autumn how much she loved kink but never gets to explore it in real life. Well Autumn is about to change all that. Tickles walks in and finds her gift, a slave completely mummified from head to toe. Tickles decides to cut open and expose the feet. Autumn and Tickles pick up a flogger and begin whipping the trapped mummy’s bare soles. When Autumn dances the flogger around the toes, the mummy begins to laugh. This discovery delights the two of them and they begin a rampage of tickling on the poor mummy’s feet. The ladies use feathers fingernails and hairbrushes to playfully torment him. As they to explore his upper body, they notice something right in the middle. It’s a little cover, and once unscrewed exposes the step-mommy’s belly button. The girls delight in this discovery. Tickles works that belly button with her fingernails as Autumn goes back to the feet. a symphony of laughter fills the room as the step-mommy has no way to escape.

Length: 11:02
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Mummified Gift For Tickles


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