BCTickleAndFetish – Athletic Amazon Gets Wrecked!

Kendra got to introduce Keke to her first tickling experience on the X frame. Now Keke gets a chance at revenge on the amazon. You have seen that Kendra is explosively ticklish on her feet. Her upper body is the same! From the moment Keke’s nails touch her skin, the amazon is in agony. Her sides and armpits seem to be the most ticklish on her upper body so Keke focuses a lot on those areas. Just when you thought Keke was done, she moves down to Kendra’s inner thighs and those big feet! She tickles her feet with socks on first, then bare. For her first time tickling someone, Keke was pretty ruthless. She drove Kendra insane and completely wore her out in this one. If you want to see an athletic, tall, gorgeous, strong amazon driven to near insanity from tickling, this one is for you!

Duration: 7:31.287
Size: 332,878 Mb

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