BCTickleAndFetish – Bella Carrera On The X


Bella Carrera is such a cutie. She’s one of the most genuinely ticklish women out there as well. We have her on the X in a sexy, skimpy bikini. Due to a shoulder injury we could not tie her left arm. It ended up adding a nice dynamic to the clip though. No matter what she is forced to keep that arm stationary while being tickled. Her armpits, ribs, sides, and abs all get tickled thoroughly. The electronic flosser and toothbrush electrify the tickling sensations. At one point she threatens to hit the tickler with her free arm but she knows that will only make things worse for her! Cute clip here.

Duration: 6:06.441
Size: 244,934 Mb

Download – Bella Carrera On The X

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