BCTickleAndFetish – Bella Learns Gym Etiquette

Bella is one of those people that goes to the gym more for social status than actually staying in shape. She is constantly taking pictures and videos of herself between sets. She loves posting them on her Instagram and other forums. Tapered is an IFFB professional bodybuilder that has no time for these kinds of antics in the gym. Bella is always hogging the machines that she needs to use and holds them up for long periods of time. Tapered is tired of her barbie doll antics in the gym and decides to do something about it. She follows Bella home and ambushes her in her own house. Bella soon finds herself tied on her own bed spread eagle. Tapered takes liberties with her long slender feet and toes. Bella apologizes but it’s far too late. Tapered wants her to pay so she ups the anti by tickling Bella’s feet with various tools. The hairbrush makes Bella damn near jump off the bed! Tapered then moves to tickle her upper body. Bella is ticklish all over but Tapered quickly discovers her worst spots. Bella’s ribs and inner thighs are by far her most ticklish areas. Tapered has strong hands and she really digs in which sends Bella into hysterics. Bella is a complete mess by the time Tapered is done with her. (We got Bella to safe word on this one for the 1st time!)

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