BCTickleAndFetish – Can I Tickle You Forever

We got more with our new favorite ticklee, Haze. She is just one giant, cute, ticklish ball of fun! This is another rare video of her getting tickled on her upper body. As you’ve seen, she’s extremely ticklish in her armpits, ribs, sides, belly buttons, and hip area. She even admits through fits of laughter in the middle of the video that she’s ridiculously ticklish. Her whole upper body gets a thorough tickling. Her over the top laughter fills the room as usual. Perhaps the best thing about Haze is that she seems to actually like being tickled. At the end of the clip the tickler asks her if he can tickle her forever. She’s says no but then says he can tickle her for a very long time though, despite being in near insanity from tickling. Who wouldn’t want to tickle her forever?

Length: 6:17
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Can I Tickle You Forever

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