BCTickleAndFetish – Catherine’s Naked Tickle Exorcism

Misty has been tickle wrecked by Catherine many times in the past. She has proven to be a really good tickler herself though. She gets another shot at revenge here in this one. This is top 3 worst tickle experiences that I have ever seen Catherine receive! She is spread out on the X frame completely naked and vulnerable, the same way she had Misty before. Misty’s short nails absolutely destroy her. She tickles Catherine everywhere from head to toe. Half of the clip and perhaps the best half is concentrated on tickling her pussy, inner thighs, and ass. Her private area might be the most ticklish area on Catherine. To make matters worse, Misty brings out the flosser. She uses it in every wrinkle on Catherine’s pussy, between her cheeks, and inside her belly button. Misty has her flopping around, babbling nonsense, and speaking in tongues! It takes a lot to break Catherine down from tickling. Even she was exhausted and totally spent after this one. This is a super hot clip with one of the most ticklish girls ever!

Length: 12:16
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Catherine’s Naked Tickle Exorcism

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