BCTickleAndFetish – Cheerleader Liz Gets Punished

Liz has been a bad girl and finds herself being disciplined by her principal Mrs. Bannock yet again. But this time principal Bannock has a unique idea to punish Liz. She has Liz come to her house and ties her up for a punishment that Liz will never forget. Liz finds herself bound to a table with her feet locked in stocks. Principal Bannock walks in and starts tickling Liz’s feet. Liz immediately struggles and questions why her principal is touching her feet. Principal Bannock continues and uses her nails, feathers, and some tickle tools to make Liz howl in laughter and dismay. Liz is beyond ticklish and can’t take this type of punishment. She tries to promise that she won’t smoke on school grounds anymore through breathless fits of laughter. Principal Bannock has heard it too many times before though. She continues her tickling onslaught to Liz’s upper body. She tickles her ribs and stomach thoroughly. Every time the principal slides a finger into Liz’s belly button, the sassy cheerleader loses it. And just when you thought Liz couldn’t take anymore, principal Bannock starts tickling her armpits. Liz is damn near crying at this point. She can barely speak a word as she is so worn out. Principal Bannock is still not convinced that Liz has learned her lesson. She just keeps tickling Liz into oblivion! This clip is a little longer than usual but don’t miss out. This is a super hot clip! Not sure how Liz made it through this one.

Length: 14:23
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Cheerleader Liz Gets Punished

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