BCTickleAndFetish – Do I Hear Red

After finally getting Megan Jones to say red after all these years, Travis has become infatuated with doing it over and over again! We have her on our X frame once again wearing a sexy bikini. Her gorgeous body is on display and completely vulnerable. We start with a brief series of questions that she’s never been asked before. Afterwards, Travis lets her have it! He tickles all the usual spots like the armpits, ribs, belly button, and sides. But he wants her to say red again and won’t stop until she does. So he gets behind her and gets her 2 worst spots badly. First, he grabs both of her inner thighs and squeezes. Megan squeals and almost falls over! Despite this, she is still defiant and actually antagonizes her tickler. Then he continues tickling her thigh while reaching up and squeezing hard on her ribs. The combination of her ribs and inner thighs makes her scream the magic word!

Length: 11:33
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Do I Hear Red

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