BCTickleAndFetish – Gia Tickles KK’s Feet

Gia has KK’s tall, curvy, and busty body all racked up. KK’s feet are big and gorgeous and they are the targets in this video. Gia has long nails and has turned into a really good tickler. She has a methodical way of breaking her victims down and tormenting them. As soon as her nails graze KK’s soles, KK goes in a frenzy. Her laughter and squeals fill the room as her feet frantically try to escape Gia’s nails. Gia tickles her big, gorgeous soles non stop then moves to her inner thighs for about a minute. KK is proving to be more ticklish then what we even thought!

Duration: 5:52.881
Size: 262,283 Mb

Download – Gia Tickles KK’s Feet

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