BCTickleAndFetish – Hot, Muscular, and Ticklish

Sheena is seriously the most ticklish body builder and or muscular girl we’ve ever seen. We were able to clearly come to that conclusion after this clip. We’ve worked with some seriously ticklish muscular girls, but Sheena takes first place. She’s all laid out and spread eagle, looking amazing. In walks Travis and from the moment he touches her it’s over. He starts in her armpits and immediately Sheena is struggling, laughing, and letting out loud shrieks and screams. He moves to her abs and stomach which has her bucking against the restraints wildly. She’s proven to be extremely ticklish thus far but by far her worst spot is her hips and pelvic bone area. She loses all control and bucks like crazy as soon as Travis touches her there! He continues to tickle her there and inside her inner thighs while Sheena curses like a sailor and struggles against the restraints. To finish her off, he goes back to her armpits. Sheena is physically spent at the end of this clip. This muscular hottie has never been tickled like this before. For such a strong, dominant, athletic woman she was a great sport about this. Even though this was very tormenting for her, you can tell there’s a part of her that found this fun. In addition to being the most ticklish bodybuilder we’ve ever tickled, she’s probably also the hottest. Don’t miss this fantastic clip! Hopefully we’ll get a chance to tickle her again.

Length: 13:14
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Hot, Muscular, and Ticklish

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