BCTickleAndFetish – I’m The Top Bitch

The promotion rivalry between roommates and colleagues continues. Riot tickled the hell out of Bella’s feet previously. She was determined to break Bella and get her to turn down the promotion she just got. After getting Bella to agree, she left her in bondage in an attempt to punish her further. Well Bella found a way to free herself and now it’s time for revenge. She subdues Riot and puts her in the same predicament that she was previously in. Bella has wicked nails that are even longer than Riot’s. She uses them as tickle weapons against Riot’s nylon covered feet. Riot is just as ticklish as Bella and can’t stand it. Eventually the nylons come off to reveal her beautiful bare feet. Bella applies oil and starts using the same tools her roommate used on her. Riot is pissed off, cursing, laughing, yelling, and struggling mightily in the stocks. No matter what she does, she can’t get away. Bella gets her revenge and then some on her roommate. Foot tickling fans need not miss this one!

Length: 11:10
Resolution: 1280×720

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