BCTickleAndFetish – Interrogating The Queenpin Part 2

Mz. Haze is proving to be either one tough chick or a glutton for tickle punishment. She just endured over 10 minutes of intense upper body tickling interrogation. Detective Cross is determined to get her to flip on the 5 heads of largest crime family in the city. Haze has remained defiant despite the tickle torment she’s endured on her upper body. So naturally, the next step is to tickle her nylon covered feet. Detective Cross quickly puts Haze in the stocks and removes her heels. He begins by simply rubbing her feet and that is enough to already have Haze giggling. She continues mocking the detective by giving him ridiculous answers. So he continues tickling the daylights out of her. His fingers just glide over those nylons with such ease. Haze’s infectious laughter fills the room again. She has taken so much tickling and may be starting to get a little delirious at this point! Detective Cross gets tired of her silly remarks and brings out tickle tools. All of them in conjunction with his fingers is clearly driving her mad. Will the tough lady gangster finally give in?

Duration: 13:01.614
Size: 553,942 Mb

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