BCTickleAndFetish – Kendra’s Size 11’s

We have a new girl featured in this one and she is bound to be a fan favorite. Her name is Kendra Allure and boy is she ticklish! Not only that but she’s a 6’1, former division 1 athlete, strong, Ebony amazon! In her first clip we had to get her huge, size 11 feet in the stocks. Kendra was very eager to shoot with us. She’s done a little fetish work but never been tickled. She knew she was ticklish but not like this. Even with socks on, her feet are hyper sensitive to the touch. Instantly she’s struggling in the stocks and trying to hold in her reactions. After a few minutes the socks come off to reveal those sexy, big, caramel soles. From this point on, the athletic amazon is in pure agony! She has loud, hearty laughter that fills the room. Her big legs try to break the stocks but she ain’t going anywhere. Between fingers and the tools, Kendra gets worn out! Still have a lot more to come with this sexy amazon. Will she survive lol?

Duration: 10:05.142
Size: 335,817 Mb

Download – Kendra’s Size 11’s

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