BCTickleAndFetish – Megan Finally Says Red

After working with Megan Jones for years, we’ve never been able to torture her to the point of using a safe word. We finally did it and who would’ve thought it would happen in a belly/belly button tickle clip. She’s always been ticklish on her ribs, belly, and navel but never like this. The stretched out position definitely adds to the vulnerability of her belly and ribs. Gia’s technique also proves to be her kryptonite. She uses her long nails to lightly tickle all over Megan’s sexy belly. She occasionally licks and tickles inside her navel as well. Gia brings out the flosser and really gets Megan squirming but Gia still isn’t satisfied. She tosses the flosser to the side and starts digging her knuckles into Megan’s stretched out ribs. Immediately Megan is beside herself. She’s shrieking and making noises we’ve never heard her make before while struggling to maintain her balance on the ball. Unable to keep her cool, she finally says red multiple times! Gia apparently didn’t want to stop though as Megan had to forcefully yell it a few more times before she finally stopped tickling her. We finally got Megan to crack!

Duration: 7:15.080
Size: 320,084 Mb

Download – Megan Finally Says Red

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