BCTickleAndFetish – Megan Won’t Give In

The lovely, curvy, and busty Megan Jones is back and it’s time to push her limits. Megan is one of the toughest girls in the fetish but today we’re determined to get her to say, “red.” To help with that we tied her face down on the X. This position always tends to make girls more ticklish due to the vulnerability. Also we discovered in another clip that her butt is extremely ticklish so this position is perfect! Gia starts on her feet with long nails. She slowly and methodically makes her way up to Megan’s ass. Gia’s nails and the flosser all over her ass cheeks drives Megan wild! Gia continues to make her way up to Megan’s sides, ribs, armpits, and neck. Megan can’t hardly catch her breath but the cameraman still doesn’t think it’s enough torture. He joins in and tickles Megan’s ribs and inner thighs while Gia is tickling her armpits and neck. Megan gets pissed and even curses at the both of them but will she say red?

Duration: 14:22.002
Size: 648,715 Mb

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