BCTickleAndFetish – Scar On The X

Scar turned out to be very ticklish on her feet. We were delighted to see that her muscular upper body and thighs were equally ticklish. Her armpits get a moderate response but her ribs, sides, belly button, and inner thighs are her real weakness. Just like in the last video, Scar is not a screamer nor does she fill up the room with laughter. The struggle is real for her though. The way she struggles and contorts her body to move away from the tickling is hot! She tries to fight it so much and is unsuccessful of course. Her looks, banter, and the things she says while being tickled are pretty sexy. She might actually enjoy being tickled to a certain extent lol. Scar is a sexy, ticklish female bodybuilder that we hope to tickle again.

Duration: 9:29.059
Size: 343,69 Mb

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