BCTickleAndFetish – Snitches Get Tickled Part 2

Kendra is getting to the bottom of who snitched on her. It’s starting to become clear that both of her tutors had some involvement in ratting her out. Kendra has also started to turn her nerdy tutors against each other. Slyy is mad and seeking retribution against Adriana for tickling her. She gets her chance because Kendra now wants to punish Adriana. She has replaced Slyy’s position on the X frame and finds herself being tickled tortured. Once again Kendra is calling the shots, demanding Slyy to tickle her harder. She joins in and together they make Adriana suffer. Her armpits, ribs, and stomach all get tickled while she tries to tell her side of the story through fits of laughter. Kendra also decides that she’s not quite done tickling Slyy. She removes Slyy’s top and tickles her armpits and sides while Slyy tickles Adriana. Next they move to Adriana’s feet and punish her more. Poor Adriana is probably more ticklish than Slyy and really gets puts through the ringer!

Duration: 11:11.041
Size: 498,292 Mb

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