BCTickleAndFetish – Stretch That Core Kendra Allure

Kendra’s long, athletic body is all laid out on the stretch ball. Adriana and Slyy take place beside her and implement the new stretching technique that is increasingly becoming more popular. With Kendra all stretched out, both girls begin to run their nails across Kendra’s stomach to loosen her up. Kendra squirms and giggles but when the nails starting probing inside her belly button, this girl loses it. She is so big and strong the girls can barely keep her on the ball. They stay persistent and keep fingering deep inside her navel. Then the girls whip out the electronic stimulation tool for maximum results. Kendra wants abs and a stronger core but this might not be worth it!

Duration: 6:28.825
Size: 284,95 Mb

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