BCTickleAndFetish – The Beach Is Closed!

Mia ignored the city’s lock down rules and went on the beach to tan. Eden, a member of the Beach Patrol, finds her and detains her. Instead of arresting Mia, she decides to inflict another type of punishment. She binds Mia up to a giant X frame and tickle tortures her! Mia is confused and demands to be set free but Eden doesn’t care. She has long nails and gleefully runs them all over Mia’s sexy body. Mia’s armpits, stomach, belly button, ribs, and inner thighs are all very ticklish. She continually questions the officers motive. Eden could care less. She deviantly smiles as she tortures the poor girl! When she’s done she just leaves Mia bound. Will Mia be able to set herself free?

Duration: 8:49.863
Size: 389,84 Mb

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